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Sound On Sound Off

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What is the impact of sound on mobile?  

Most marketers believe that sound is a very important component of an ad but as viewers are shifting from TV to mobile, sound is not always welcome. The adoption of ad blockers was largely due to intrusive, autoplaying ads with sound on. 

To better understand the true impact of sound, Teads surveyed users on their attitudes and behavior toward ads with sound on versus sound off. Our biggest finding? Consumers want choice. We found that 52% of consumers in the UK and 66% in the US hate when video ads play with sound when they are reading an article on their mobile devices.

But what about other platforms? Turns out, nearly 80% of users on Facebook watch ads without sound and over 35% of users mute ads on YouTube. 

Download our research to learn:

  • How the lack of sound affects engagement and branding
  • Ways to optimize ads for the mobile device
  • The impact of music