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Why premium editorial is the optimal environment for video advertising

There are countless environments for video advertising, but is one better than another? How do you quantify the value of differing content environments? Which has a greater impact on consumer behavior?

In partnership with:
Time Inc. I Conde Nast I Forbes I The Atlantic

Discover how premium editorial content and social feeds impact your brain and why premium content is neurologically proven to be the optimal environment for video advertising. 

Here's a sneak peek at the findings:

  • Premium editorial content was found to be 16% more personally relevant, or engaging, than social news feeds
  • Premium editorial delivers a deep experience with a powerful memory impact: For the rational/detailed-oriented (left) side of the brain, premium editorial was found to have a 19% greater impact on memory. For the emotional (right) side of the brain, premium editorial had an 8% greater impact on memory.
  • This memorable content helps make ads in premium editorial environments more memorable: Video ads within premium editorial performed better than 8 out of 10 online ads tested when measured by detailed memory encoding, a key metric for ad impact.

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