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In a world of "social influencers," what actually influences beauty consumers?


TeadsがGlobal Web Index(GWI)と共同で実施した調査研究では、購買行動、広告の影響、および世界の消費者向けのテクノロジーの役割の調査に、日本の462人の女性を含む8か国4,500人のスキンケアおよび美容製品を購入する女性へアンケート調査を行いました。




In a new research study commissioned by Teads in partnership with Global Web Index (GWI), we surveyed 4,500 women across 8 countries, including 462 women across the JP to take a fresh look at buying behaviors, advertising influence and the role of technology for global consumers purchasing skincare and beauty products.

Please make sure you have a strong internet connection before downloading the research. The presentation contains videos which may take awhile to download.



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