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The adoption of Connected TV (CTV) in the UK is on the rise in terms of consumers’ viewership, as well as marketers’ advertising investments.

Yet, regardless of the commercial opportunities and growing audiences, the domestic CTV market is still relatively nascent and is not likely to reach maturity for a number of years.

Our report reveals that there is a certain degree of hesitancy amongst marketers over the value of ad-supported CTV, as our survey shows, driven mainly by their limited awareness of the benefits of CTV and perceived high cost in comparison to some other marketing channels.

For consumers, a big screen in their living room remains a preferred source of entertainment, but price concerns and second screening habits inevitably impact viewers' streaming behaviour.

This report explores consumers’ and marketers’ attitudes towards CTV and offers valuable insights for omnichannel strategies in 2024.

Key findings:

  • 21% of UK households have cancelled some of their streaming subscriptions and 11% switched to cheaper subscriptions due to price concerns.
  • 49% of marketers surveyed don’t understand the key advantages of CTV.
  • CTV Native ads on a smart TV home screen can help brands to reach 37% of UK streamers who opt for ad-free subscription plans and 30% of those who watch broadcasters’ content online.
  • 35% of marketers say cost is the main drawback of CTV advertising.
  • 33% of UK consumers watch big sporting events at home via
    a CTV device.  

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