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In 2024, the media landscape is set to experience a flurry of activity, marked not only by significant industry transformations but also by major content events such as the Olympics, elections, the Euro Cup, and more. These events, alongside evolving media trends and regulations, are defining moments for the industry.

Our comprehensive ebook, "Tech Themes 2024," offers a deep dive into the key themes driving these changes, providing valuable insights, innovative strategies, and expert perspectives from industry leaders, all tailored for this transformative year.

Explore the five major themes that are at the forefront of redefining the media landscape in 2024:

  1. The Rise in Power of CTV in an Omnichannel Media Strategy: Understand the increasing significance of Connected TV (CTV) in the broader media mix. We explore how CTV is reshaping audience engagement and proving to be a crucial element in successful omnichannel strategies.

  2. The Importance of Context in the Shift Beyond Third-Party Data: Delve into the evolving world of data privacy and its impact on marketing. This section highlights the growing need for context in advertising as we move away from third-party data reliance.

  3. The Convergence of Brand and Performance: Witness the blending of brand building and performance marketing. We discuss how this convergence is creating more robust, cohesive strategies for growth and engagement.

  4. The Value of Brand Safety & Sustainability in Preserving the User Experience: Examine the critical balance between brand safety, sustainability, and maintaining a positive user experience. This theme emphasizes the importance of ethical advertising practices in today's media landscape.

  5. The Power of AI-Powered Media: Discover the transformative role of AI in media and advertising. From personalized content to predictive analytics, AI is a game-changer in crafting more effective and efficient media strategies.

Read insights from industry leaders on these pivotal themes and uncover strategies to succeed in 2024. 

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